Fast-Track Finding Out!
The Field. The Numbers. The Energy.

Since 2016 I've been receiving inspired insights, including,

"The 'quantum field' is neutral; it simply reflects
back whatever we choose to infuse into it."

This Fast-Track Guide focuses on the intersection between The Field, The Numbers & The Energy to uncover their meaning, individually and collectively, to the Age of Aquarius.

• A crystal clear, concise and coherent 40-page guide that connects the dots between the quantum/creative field, the ancient practice of Numerology and the energy to
integrate more!

• A simple foundation to calculate your Universal & Personal insights.

• A straight-forward practice to test and evaluate what resonates for you.


Paperback edition available March 31, 2023 (Price includes taxes & shipping in Canada)


- Trish Murray -

Reshaping my Relationship with Business & Beyond: Trading a Life of Work, for a Life 360º.

PLUS, A compilation of healing journeys that empower and instill hope to those who read. The co-authors courageously share their stories and how they were able to heal through mind, body and spirit.

Additional authors

Trish Murray
Lisa Wilson
Shanon Melnyk

Audrey Lingg-Bertoni
Ashara Love
Jocelyn Pettitt

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Trish Murray - At the Edge of a Business of Tomorrow

• Standing at my own edge
• Yesterday & Tomorrow
• Business of Tomorrow
• Timeless Stands the Test of Time
• Between Yesterday & Tomorrow, lies the now

Imagine, Chicken Soup for the Soul combined with TEDx - that's what this book is all about. Authors share their true life stories relating to either their business, life or universe, having lived through their journeys to make a difference for others.

The authors in this series each have a story to tell, lessons to share and insights that impact and inspire you in ways you never thought possible.

Additional authors

Jessica Derksen
Amy Murphy
Dee French
Janine Brisebois

Currently eight paperback copies remain for direct purchase (incl. shipping in Canada) @ CA$16.99 + tax

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