Inspired insights come from within...

...that's why they are called INsights!


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What do you need, right now, to amplify more as we move into the Age of Aquarius? 

Fast-track finding more with a 60-Minute Mashup:

-- work with your Numerology, Astrology or Quantum Human Design

-- integrate individual 'intel' and gather insights from within your Akashic Records

-- co-create a greater sense of meaning and purpose, inside your business or beyond! 


Connect with more of each modality

Activate simple insights with Numerology!

Fast-track finding more of how you are uniquely wired, with specific pieces from Numerology!

Path 1 • Connect with your Core Number & Personal Year to evaluate how their meaning can guide and direct your path.

Path 2 • Shape your Birth Chart and consider the numbers, the energy, the arrows and how they point to your soul-style.

Path 3 • Construct your Personal Pyramid to identify peak pivot years

Path 4 • Take your key findings and (re)shape your current/next 9-Year Cycle!

Take each path one step at a time, integrate more with a laser-focused 3-pack or frame a fuller story with paths 1-4 and co-creative support constructing your Storyboard.


Refine specific insights with Astrology.

Discover keys to creating more personally and professionally, through your astrology!

Path 1 • Find hidden intel in the basic composition of your chart and learn the core role of your Ascendant, Sun and Moon signs.

Path 2 • Unpack three aspects of your chart and how they intersect with areas of connection, communication and creativity.

Path 3 • Explore your South and North Node and how your personal planets inform and influence your journey inside business and beyond!

Take each path one step at a time, integrate more with a laser-focused 3-pack or frame a fuller story with paths 1-3 plus pieces that are most relevant to you and co-creative support constructing your Storyboard.


Lean into precision insights with your Quantum Human Design!

Reconnect or realign with your unique contribution through your quantum human design!

Path 1 • Reframe your type, strategy and profile with quantum language that shifts how you feel about meaning & purpose.

Path 2 • Redefine your primary innovation centers to amplify your innate capacity to create & experience more.

Path 3 • Renew the relationship with your Creator Soul by seeing your design from both sides!

Take each path one step at a time, integrate more with a laser-focused 3-pack or frame a fuller story with paths 1-3 and pieces that are most relevant to you and co-creative support constructing your Storyboard.


Tap into individual, inspired insights with your Akashic Records!

Open up a whole new level of conscious awareness and connect with the most real part of who you are. 

Path 1 • ...explore intuitive 'intel' that fine-tunes, validates or confirms what you have already been thinking, sensing or feeling.

Path 2 • ...actively listen for wisdom from your Records to problem-solve and sync up with what your Divine Spirit wants to share and determine what is important, relevant & significant for you (right now).

Path 3 • ...amplify your innate intuitive capabilities by expanding co-creative ideation and integration to fuel your next chapter.

*Learn more about the Akashic Records.



"When you find yourself where I've been, all I can say is ... the million rabbit holes and red-pills made so much more sense as I began to gather inspired insights from these four integral personal practices; I began to feel more aligned with the meaning & purpose of my Creator Soul, inside my business and beyond."

~ Trish



About Trish!

Trish's 'soul' focus is on bending time! To connect you with the ancient knowledge that offers individual, inspired insights for your career/business, marketing and beyond!

She combines degree studies in Psychology & Marketing with training in Yoga/Yoga Therapy and Universal Law, to share a unique experience that activates (or amplifies) more of your CEO Vision/Soul Purpose.

Explore core elements of Numerology, Astrology and/or Quantum Human Design through your Akashic Records and reflect more of your unique Soul Storyboard!


What are the Akashic Records? 

In a nutshell, they are a higher dimension of consciousness that contain the 'soul story' of every person on the planet (past, present & future)...

Now, all that can feel kind of trippy! So, let's lighten it up ;) 

- Think of connecting with your records a little like walking into the library, pulling a story off the shelf, then having someone read it out loud.  While we all have the ability to learn how to read our own records, it takes a little training and practice, so if that is something you become interested in as we work together, please let me know!

- As we 'read', the story unfolds as a mixture of images/pictures, words/phrases and feelings/emotions. And at the end of each session I use my favourite card deck to reinforce key messages from our conversation to inspire your next steps.


Bridging the gap between science and spirituality. 


By now you've probably been hearing a little (or a lot) about the 'quantum field' uncovered decades ago by Nikola Tesla and others.

Gregg Braden refers to it as the 'Divine Matrix'. Wallace D. Wattles describes it as the creative substance.

David Ji ( my favourite meditation guide) links all three (the field, the matrix and the creative substance) together as he describes the essential nature of the 'Akash'.

Ok, that was probably still pretty trippy! So, let's start simply...

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