Inspired insights come from within.



"Insights come from within,
that's why we call them IN-sights."

I can share with complete confidence that the truest insights we can gather and direct our steps from do not come by looking 'out there'...they come from looking within, at who we are at a soul-level.

I can say this. Because I've lived this.

Whether you are at a career cross-roads, feeling the pull to start or evolve your business or, are searching for a deeper sense of individual meaning, purpose and alignment, in a world transforming at break-neck are probably somewhere close to where I found myself during the past 10 years.

Explore four ways we can co-create your individual, inspired insights to fast-tracking finding more meaning, purpose and alignment!


Your soul's journey has taken you in a number of directions and the adventure isn't over yet! I provide four core pathways that 'fast-track' your ability to find out what you need -- right now, next or in the near future.

Whether you choose a pathway that resonates most with you or explore a mashup of more than one, our focus is inspiring individual insights that connect you with your unique Creator Soul style: the numbers. Connect the dots to meaning and purpose with simple insights and the practice of numerology using your birth chart, ruling number, primary arrows and/or personal pyramid! the stars. Find keys to communication, connection and creativity with specific insights from your astrological chart, we look at three to nine elements of your chart to find hidden gems, hidden in the stars! design. Human Design archetypes have provided clarity and insights since the early '90s. (Re)connect with your life purpose and/or soul path with precision insights and quantum language from your unique design!

...thru the records. The Akashic Records have been associated with the "Book of Life" from the Bible. Discover your Creator Soul's 'what' & 'why' with inspired insights from your Akashic Records!


Learn more about the Akashic Records.



"When you are where I've been, all I can say is ... I went down a million different rabbit holes searching for insights to manifest more of the life I envisioned for myself.  It was only when I began to gather inspired insights from within my number, astrology, human design and akashic records that I felt aligned with the meaning & purpose of my unique soul-style!"

~ Tricia Murray


About Tricia Murray

Tricia Murray connects change-makers, game-changers and agents of change with their Soul-Style Storyboard to amplify their CEO Vision, or Soul Purpose. She combines degree studies in Psychology & Brand Marketing, training in Astrology and Quantum Human Design with a unique approach to access individual, inspired insights that align us with our Creator Souls! 

Tricia's career evolved through a series of strategic marketing roles and today she equips CEOs, solo business owners and 'soul'-preneurs with more meaning, purpose and alignment ... inside their business and beyond!

Connect with more of my 'Eat Pray Love' journey as a Soul Member at,

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...allow your Creator Soul to grow!


What are the Akashic Records? 

In a nutshell, they are a higher dimension of consciousness that contain the 'soul story' of every person on the planet (past, present & future)...

Now, all that can feel kind of trippy! So, let's lighten it up ;) 

- Connecting with your records is like walking into the library, pulling your story off the shelf and opening up a new level of conscious awareness and creative ideation, in order to gather insights from the most real part of who you are.

- Intuitive information flows off the pages through my mind into our conversation -- sometimes its images/pictures, words/phrases and feelings/emotions. Whatever is conveyed will be specific and personal to you and will very often validate/confirm what you have already been sensing or feeling.

- Through working in my own records, I tapped into the gifts of claircognizance and clairsentience (an undefinable but "clear" sense of "knowing" and "feeling") and each interaction with your Records amplifies your innate intuitive capabilities and elevates your ability to expand and embody the gifts that will fuel your future chapters.

Bridge the communication gap. 

I actively listen to wisdom and insights being 'read' from your Record, based on insights you would like to receive and what your spirit team believes is most important, relevant and significant for you.