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Since the early 1980s, we have been progressively tuning into more expansive personal practices that help us align with our soul path; our purpose & our individual style.

Soul 2 Soul Conversations

  • Get clarity! Connect with more of your soul purpose (Vision & Mission) by identifying your three core archetypes.
  • Get aligned! Calibrate your your Soul Style™ by integrating nine key pieces from your astrological natal chart.
  • Get creative! Expand your soul path with creative, intuitive insights from your Akashic Records.
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What is a Soul 2 Soul Conversation?

My 'soul' role and purpose is to create a bridge between you and your soul story in order to 

clarify, simplify, diversify, magnify more of your Soul Path! Our soul path intersects at a number of points,

• Career Cross-Roads

• Business Evolutions

• Soul Purpose Transformations

• Activating Greater Health, Wealth, Relationships, Spiritual Connection



Our lives are multi-dimensional and each aspect plays a key role in shaping and facilitating what our soul's came here for!

Every situation, challenge, obstacle and opportunity presents us with a 'choice point' to amplify more of a Life 360º.

These Soul 2 Soul Conversations present you with integral information, intelligent and intuitive insights so you can experience more on your soul's path! 


SINGLE SESSION: $144.00 (incl. taxes)

Book an Intro Soul 2 Soul Conversation
Arch + Astro

soul style lite package

We work with specific elements of your astrological natal chart to understand your unique Soul Style™ and create more through your career/business, core relationships and/or creativity! 

- We work with nine core elements from your natal chart that shine a light on your unique Soul Style.

- You understand your personal archetypal themes and how they influence your career, communication and core connections with people.

- We co-create a clear blueprint for your soul path by connecting the dots and the overall composition of your chart.

- You have the option of diving deeper to understand how your Soul Style can influence the process of 'marketing' your Soul Purpose (if you have a business).

• 3 x 45-min + supporting resources
• $499.00 (incl. taxes)*


big picture pieces

Add onto your Soul Style Lite with a deeper connection with your astrological chart and connect with more creative insights from your Akashic Records!

What are the Records? In a nutshell, they hold the 'soul story' of every person on the planet (past, present & future). Now, all that can feel kind of trippy! So, let's lighten it up ;) 

- Connecting with your records, taps into a whole new level of insight to guide your soul path.

- Intuitive information will flow through our conversation as images, pictures, words, phrases, feelings, emotions and more, and will be specific and personal to you.

- Each interaction with your Records elevates both your creative insights and your innate intuitive capabilities.

- My role? I bridge the communication gap between your soul and your conscious mind; it's like a conversation between my soul and yours to convey specific information that will benefit you, right now or in the near future.

• 9 x 45-min, plus supporting resources
• $1,559.00 (incl. taxes)*

*bi/weekly soul 2 soul conversations over a 3 month period


As your awareness shifts you become more conscious of,
and empowered by the options and opportunities that align with your
Soul Style and create more flow in every area of your life!

Connect with Tricia for a brief introductory call and then...

Book an Intro Soul 2 Soul Conversation!



"When you are where I've been, 
all I can say is...

...I went down thousands of different rabbit holes searching for ways and means to connect with more of my Soul Purpose and move beyond the intellectual 'spin' that kept me stuck.

I developed these three pathways so that others can generate a greater sense clarity, connection and creativity, along their soul's path!"

~ Tricia Murray

How to prepare.

If this is your first encounter with me (or the three As - Archetypes, Astrology, Akashic Records), I suggest scheduling a 20-Min introduction where we can get acquainted and determine a game plan that will create the most successful outcomes! That said, you can schedule a 45-minute 


• Refrain from consuming drugs or alcohol for 24-hours leading up to your Soul 2 Soul conversation.

• Focus on 2-3 core questions or ONE main topic where you would like to gain intuitive insight.

• If we are talking via phone, please prepare to take notes.

If we are connecting via Zoom, our conversation will be recorded and
a link provided for you to download and store for future reference.
(note, stored conversations are available for 14 days and then they are permanently deleted)


Book an Intro Soul 2 Soul Conversation

About Tricia Murray

One foot in the two worlds -- the science and the spiritual -- that's where I have logged more than 16,000 hours recalibrating my health (physical, emotional, spiritual), my business and career and my 'soul path' in order to experience more across my Life 360º. 

Today, I focus on three main cornerstones:

-- Shifting minds (Tune into more through my podcast)

-- Preparing hearts (Sync up with more Creator Souls)

-- Sharing what I've learned with others (Manifest More inside my Intuitive Marketing Circle)

We are all (re)discovering our creator soul in the midst of unprecedented, transformation times, which means realigning our soul path to restore more of a Life 360º!

Our Soul 2 Soul conversation(s) will clarify, simplify, magnify and/or amplify your version of 'more' in a way that is wholly aligned with who you are at a soul level.